"Moving people, moving forward" : Actes du congrès international 2011 de l'AIESEP

, 2011, 575 pages


We are delighted to present the Book of Proceedings that is the result of an open call for submitted papers related to the work delegates presented at the AIESEP 2011 International
Conference at the University of Limerick, Ireland on 22-25 June, 2011.
The main theme of the conference Moving People, People Moving focused on sharing
contemporary theory and discussing cutting edge research, national and international policies and best practices around motivating people to engage in school physical education and in healthy lifestyles beyond school and into adulthood and understanding how to sustain engagement over time.

Five sub-themes contributed to the main theme and ran throughout the conference programme,

  • (i) Educating Professionals who Promote Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity,
  • (ii) Impact of Physical Education, Sport &Physical Activity on the Individual and Society,
  • (iii) Engaging Diverse Populations in Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport
  • (iv) Physical Activity & Health Policies: Implementation and Implications within and beyond School
  • (v) Technologies in support of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity.

The papers presented in the proceedings are not grouped by themes but rather by the order they were presented in the conference programme. The number that precedes each title matches the number on the conference programme.

A. MacPhail & M. O’Sullivan, Co-chairs Scientific Committee

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Mots clés proposés par la rédaction : pratiques de l'EPS, élève, adulte, formation

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